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Sahara, Dogons & Timbuktu - Overland Trip

3 weeks: Accra to Bamako (KU-AFWA5R)

This a true taste of West Africa. Explore the slave forts and castles on the Slave Coast, walk though the tree tops on the canopy walk in the rainforest of Kakum National Park, and journey through the sands of the Sahara with the Tuareg. See animals on a guided walk in Mole National Park, and discover the amazing world of the Dogon People in Mali. Enjoy chilled out days on the boat trip to Timbuktu, and marvel at the frenetic dancing of the local cultural group on the beach in Ghana. From the sand dunes of the Sahara to the beaches on the Atlantic coast, this is a tour of great diversity, this tour gives you a real insight into the complexity and friendliness of West African society.

Tour Type: Small Group Tour

Countries Visited: Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali

Age Guide: 18-55

Maximum Group Size: 12



Kokrobite Beach & Community Project, Slave Coast, Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park, Kumasi, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary & Ecotourism Site, Mole National Park

Burkina Faso



Dogon Country Trek & Mask Dance , Timbuktu Tour, Niger River Boat Trip, Ali Farka Toure\'s Village of Niafounke, Mopti, Djenné Monday Market and Mud Mosque, Bamako

Kitty Notes

What is included?

Fully Escorted Tour - Kumuka Tour Leader and Driver, Local Guides

All Activities, Sightseeing + Entrance Fees as Per Itinerary

All Meals Whilst Camping

National Parks and Reserve Entrance Fees

All Tolls and Taxes


Day 1

Depart Accra - To Kokrobite. Optional Community Project, Drumming School, Solo Forest Monkey Sanctuary

Days 2-3

Elmina - Slave Coast, Elmina & Cape Coast Castles

Day 4

Kakum National Park - Canopy Walk

Days 5-6

Kumasi - Explore West Africa's Largest Market

Day 7

Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary - Guided Tour

Day 8

Mole National Park - Game Walk

Day 9


Day 10

Cross into Burkina Faso to Ouagadougou

Day 11

Cross into Mali - Bandiagara Escarpment, Bandiagara

Days 12-13

Dogon Country - Overnight Dogon Trek

Day 14

To Sévaré

Days 15-16

Timbuktu - Optional Overnight Camel Safari and Tuareg Homestay

Days 17-18

Niger River Boat Trip

Day 19


Day 20

Djenné - Mud Mosque

Day 21

Drive to Bamako - Tour Ends on Arrival


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