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China and Tibet - Cycling Trip

2 ½ weeks: Chengdu to Chengdu (China and Tibet)

Our 16 day bike trip is a loop, starting and finishing in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province and one of the major cultural centres of China. At 500m elevation Chengdu is located in the Sichuan basin, sometimes referred to as the “Heavenly Kingdom”, surrounded by soaring mountains to the northwest and the Sichuan Basin to the east.
We begin our biking in the lowland rice fields and farmlands of Sichuan Basin and gently climb toward Tibetan Plateau. The mountainous area is lined with snow covered peaks, stunning river valleys and later widens out into the open Tibetan grasslands.
We visit a panda breeding sanctuary and Buddhist monasteries, meet with Tibetan nomadic yak herders, explore small Tibetan towns and ancient Chinese villages, dine in local restaurants and take the challenge of biking in an area seldom visited by western travelers. We bike on mostly paved roads where at times bikes and small tractors out-number cars and climb over four high mountain passes with the highest being 4298m.
Stunning scenery, colourful culture, world re-known cuisine and history all combine to create one of the most diverse, interesting and memorable biking destinations on the planet.


Accommodation is twin share in local hotels and guesthouses. (Upgrades to single rooms are available at some locations at your own expense).

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Itineraries (Chengdu - Chengdu)

16 day itinerary

ITINERARY – Chengdu to Chengdu
Day 1 - Arrive in Chengdu.
Day 2 – Chengdu City ride and Panda Breeding centre. 50km.
Day 3 – Bike through rice fields and farmland to Pingle. 63km.
Day 4 - Bike through bamboo forest and farmland to Baoxing. 75kms.
Day 5 – Enter Tibetan area. 17kms.
Day 6 – Climb over 4200m pass to Rillonguan. 70kms.
Day 7 – Follow river valley to Danba. 120kms.
Day 8 – Danba free day.
Day 9 - Bike up to Jaiju Tibetan village. 10kms.
Day 10 – Bike up remote river valley to Donggu. 50kms.
Day 11 – Climb over 3900m pass onto Tibetan Plateau. 55kms.
Day 12 - Bike across Tibetan Plateau to Tagong. 30kms.
Day 13 – Bike past Nomads and Yaks and over 4300m pass to Kangding. 92kms.
Day 14 – Bike to Shangli Ancient town. 52kms.
Day 15 – Bike back down towards Chengdu. 45kms.
Day 16 - Fly out.



Reference Departure Arrival Price NZD Kitty USD Notes
China7 Chengdu Chengdu NZD$4190 $0
China8 Chengdu Chengdu NZD$4190 $0

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