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Vojvodina Cycling - Cycling Trip

1 week: Belgrade to Belgrade (Vojvodina)

Cycling in Vojvodina could be compared with cycling in Holland. Vast plain, narrow country roads stretching straight ahead for miles , farms, ponds and charming villages is the scenery that you will enjoy during this trip. But we set one part of this tour on national park of Fruska Gora- the very sole hill in this spacious field. This trip could be easily adapted both for advanced cyclists and beginners. Terrain and itineraries give us opportunity to offer longer and shorter tours for every day during this 7 days journey and daily tours range from 30/ 40 (for leisure cycling) to 80 kilometers (for more advanced cyclists). We will move from one place to another every two days and you will see all three parts of Vojvodina- Banat, Backa and Srem.

Our first base will be very nice Hotel Norcev situated in the middle of oak forest on the slopes of Fruska Gora national park. From there we will do a loop rides and explore the region. Fruska Gora is a lonely mountain in Panonian Plain. The summit with altitude of only 539 meters above sea level is still the highest spot in the plain. Because of Its forests, monasteries, towns and wine cellars many people call it \"The Jewel of Vojvodina\". Neighboring town Sremski Karlovci is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in Vojvodina and Serbia

There you can visit some of their wine cellars and taste local wines. There is a family Zivanovic honey museum where you can taste different bees products. In a center of town there are many buildings from 18th and 19th century such as Lower (1718) and Upper church, the Cathedral, one of the oldest Grammar Schools in Serbia, palace Stephaneum...

Fruska Gora with its 17 monasteries is also known as a Holly Mountain. We will visit two of them. Monastery Krusedol is built in 16th century as memorial of the last Serbian despot Djordje Brankovic. Among some other important people for Serbian history, king Milan and duchess Ljubica Obrenovic as well as Arsenije Carnojevic (leaded the great Serbs migration from Kosovo in 1690) are buried here. Another monastery on our itinerary is Monastery of Gregeteg from 15th century.

You will have chance to visit the farm (salas) where people still live traditional way without electricity and running water. We will have lunch there and taste their local specialties. The farms use to produce everything that is necessary for life. Most of the farms were destroyed after the 2nd World War.

Laying on the banks of Sava river Sremska Mitrovica was built on the bases of ancient Roman town Sirmium and it\'s one of the oldest town in the country. An organized form of life dating back here 7.000 years ago. Exploring the town on foot you will see emperor\'s palace, Town Museum, the Roman bathroom and town center with many 18th century buildings.

In Backa we will stay in magnificent castle set in a middle of specious farmland.
Near town of Zrenjanin there is Carska Bara- a great bird reservoir. It is a bird watching paradise. It is home and rest place for about 250 specious of birds and therefore protected by UNESCO.

From there we will cycle to village of Kovacica. Populated with mostly Slovak people this small village is famous as capital of Naive art. Celebrating rural environment and tradition through their landscapes, animals and motives from peasant lives, these painters fascinate us with their sincerity and spontaneity for more then half a century. They have created naive art in Kovacica and still create it today.


We pay special attention to choice of accommodation. Our experience insures that lodging is always among the finest the area has to offer.

Accommodation on Fruska Gora: Hotel Norcev. Located on the top of the ridge of Fruska Gora Mountain and surrendered with dens oak forest hotel Norcev represents ideal base to explore Fruska Gora and Srem. Hotel has fitness center and indoor swimming pool. All rooms are comfortable, with telephone, TV, private facilities.
Accommodation in Backa: Hotel- Castle Fantast. Once owned by family Dundjerski this magnificent castle is adapted to welcome guests from all part of the world. All rooms are comfortable with private facilities, telephones. Hotel Fantast is set on spacious estate where you can visit also family estate church and paddock with about 90 racing horses.

Accommodation in Banat: Pension Sibila. A few kilometers from Lukino village on the banks of Carska Bara- \"Emperor\'s Pond\" in quite settings lays pension Sibila. Pension has nice restaurant with local specialties. All rooms are with private facilities.

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Day 1 Transfer from Belgrade/ Belgrade airport to hotel Norcev on Fruska Gora Mountain. Optional ride on Iriski Venac -the ridge of Fruska Gora. Dinner at 7 pm.

Day 2 Breakfast at 8:30 am. Cycling from Fruska Gora to Sremska Mitrovica. Lunch in town. We will explore town on foot and visit museum. Riding back different way. Dinner at 7 pm. Night in hotel Norcev.
Day 3. Breakfast at 8:30 am. After breakfast we will ride to monastery Krusedol. It is a pleasant downhill ride through oak forest. From Krusedol we will ride to another monastery- Grgeteg. After visiting monastery we will ride a few kilometers to village of Neradin where we will have traditional feast on the farm- Perkov Salas. From Perkov Salas we will go back to hotel Norcev. S Dinner at 7 pm.

Day 4 Breakfast at 8:30. Ride to Sremski Karlovci town where you will have chance to taste some of the finest Serbian wine and honey from family Zivanovic cellar and beekeeping museum. Lunch in Sremski Karlovci. Transfer to hotel Fantast. Tour on Fantast estate. Dinner at 7pm.
Day 5 Breakfast at 8:30am. Cycling to small towns of Srbobran and Zabalj. Transfer to Sibila Pension. Dinner at 7pm.

Day 6 Breakfast at 8:30 am. A very nice ride to village of Kovacevac. There we will visit museum of naive art and some art galleries. Lunch in a small Slovak restaurant. Riding to village of Idvor and visit museum of Mihajlo Pupin- one of the greatest electronic engineer. Return to pension Sibila. Dinner at 7:00 pm.

Day 7 Breakfast at 8:30 am. Transfer to Belgrade/ Belgrade airport.


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