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Mountain Maddness - Cycling Trip

2 weeks: Hanoi to Hanoi (VNW2)

Vietnams far North West is undoubtedly the best place to cycle in the country. The roads see virtually no tourists and avoid Vietnam's notorious highways.

The landscape is stunning, amazing karstic rock formations, stilted houses with thatched roofs, mountains nestled between limestone outcrops and the highest concentration of hill-tribe people in the country.

Now is the perfect time to visit; while some areas opened to tourism in the late 1980ís it was only in the late 1990ís that a lot of the red tape and travel restrictions were removed. This tour offers some challenging cycling and a wonderful opportunity to experience the traditional and varied lifestyles of the people of this spectacular country.


Guest houses, mostly family run.


13 days

Vietnams far North West is where we cycle through. We pass villages of H'mong, Tay, Dao and Xa Pho. Vietnam has the richest and most complex ethnic make-up in the whole of south east Asia. These minorities, whose markets and festivals add such colour and character to the areas visit.


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