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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay to list my trips on your site?

You do not have to pay anything to list your trips on the website. We will charge you a 10% commission rate on all trips booked as a result of any leads generated from the website. Thus you only pay us if we find you customers that go on to actually book a trip with you.

I have a website. Can I use the Database to display trips on my website?

Yes, we can set this up for you. The great advantage is that you can use the easy-to-use 4 Corneers Club interface to enter and update your trip details, and they will automatically appear on both the website and your own! Please email us for more information.

How many trips can I list on your site?

There are no limits, you can add as many as you like.

Can I add pictures to my trip listings?

Yes, there is a facility on the site to insert pictures of your choosing.

What is the advantage of using to advertise our trips?

The most important is that unlike most 'directory' sites it costs you nothing unless you sell trips through us. We are purely commission based and do not charge to include trips in our directory. Because we have trips from many tour companies all on one site it is easy for customers to find and compare trips to a chosen destination. This is preferable to searching out many different individual websites to try to compare trips. Can i cut and paste information text from my own website? Yes, you can do this without a problem. Can i take pictures from my website to add to my listing? You will need to right click on the image and save to a folder, then upload onto 4CC using the 'Add new trip' page in TAI (Trips Admistration Interface).